React Native Course in Rahim Yar Khan - Mobile App Development Course

As World is currently growing digitally and people accessing the Internet via smartphones and tablets. So, we can say that mobile app development has the unique ability to access a large number of potential consumers. Smartphone users use their mobiles to access the Internet on a daily basis. According to a recent study, app downloads will have grown to 300 billion and the subsequent mobile app revenues will have increased to $83.5 billion. The reason behind these extraordinary numbers is due to the continued growth of smartphone and tablet sales.
The sales of smartphones and tablets increased is not only increased, but the amount of mobile apps installed has also grown exponentially. According to a recent study, approximately 50 percent of all smartphone users have mobile apps installed. These statistics show that a good mobile app has a unique opportunity to engage an entirely new type of customer. In other words, we can say that a mobile app allows you to have millions of new customers at your fingertips. So, you just need to do that, develop an effective app, and reap the benefits of your labor.
For that, Dynamic Developers software house in Rahim Yar Khan - RYK, Pakistan providing your the opportunity to be a professional and efficient mobile app developer. We are offering multiple app development advanced online and physical courses includes Java/Kotlin Android App Development / React Native App Development Course / Flutter Mobile App Development Advance Course in Rahim yar khan. So, If you want to become a professional App Developer, don't waste your time, do apply for it.

Apply for ReactMobile App Development Course in Rahim Yar Khan

Course outline for React Native app Development Course

🛑 Benefits of React Native App Development Course:

♦️ You will be able to develop any kind of Mobile App.
♦️ You will gain knowledge regarding modern android requirements.
♦️ You will acquire research skills in the development field.
♦️ You will be able to solve critical problems in programming.
♦️ Mobile App Development becomes easy for you through Flutter.

🛑 Course Duration, Schedule and Fee:

Trainer Sir Hafiz Arslan (3 Years Experience)
Duration 3 Months
Timing 3 Hours a day
Project Every Month
Fee Actual fee: Rs. 25,000 PKR
After 90% Discount: Rs. 2,500 PKR
No hidden charges!
This training is offered in Promotional Price

🛑 Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates must complete their Inter (FSC or ICS) or Student of Software Engineering/Computer Engineering/BS Computer Science/BS Information Technology. This training requires your prior background knowledge of Information Technology. This Training best for those who are logically strong and have good IT skills and love to code and want to build new mobile application.

🛑 Course Content:

  1. Introduction to React Native
  2. Environment (Project) Setup
  3. Learn React Basics
    • Component
    • Props
    • State
  4. More Essential Components
  5. React Navigation (Stack Navigation)
  6. React Navigation (Bottom Bar Navigation)
  7. React Navigation (Top Bar Navigation)
  8. React Navigation (Side Drawer Navigation)
  9. Combine Multiple Navigations
  10. Async Storage
  11. React Native Maps and Location API
  12. Camera and Gallery Access
  13. Vector Icons and Custom Fonts
  14. RN Firebase Implementation
  15. App Push Notifications (OneSignal)
  16. React Redux
  17. Create New Project and Publish to Github
  18. JSON Data Parsing
  19. How to make Network Request?
  20. Understanding Promises
  21. Custom Modal / Alerts
  22. Custom Styling
  23. A better way to manage project
  24. App deployment to app store & play store
  25. Collaboration with the web team to develop a complete working solution (1 month)

🛑 Training Methodology:

🔹Assignments and Evaluations will be given as well for your practice.
🔹Certificate of training will be given to active students as well.
🔹There will be Internship/Job opportunities as well for top performers.

🛑 Who Should Attend the Training:

♦ FSC/ICS (Complete)
♦ BSCS (Complete / Continuous)
♦ Fresh Graduates
♦ Freelancers
♦ IT Professional

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