Web Development in Rahim Yar Khan RYK - Website Designing advance Course

As the world is currently going completely online. A website is a central tool for the visibility of your business on internet. If we want to be a successful businessman in the current era, we should need to adopt the modern business strategy, fo that, we should need to build a website for our business which will represent our business in front of the world.
Web Designing & Development skill is one of the most demanding skills right now, just because of its importance in the current era. A well organized and experienced web developer can earn millions by providing his services to others.
For that, Dynamic Developers software house in Rahim yar Khan - RYK, Pakistan offering the best quality professional Web development advanced courses (Html/Css, JavaScrip/jQuery, Php/MySql, .Net). We have the best instructors who have years of teaching experience and vast knowledge regarding the field of Web Development and Web Designing. So, If you want to become a professional web developer, don't waste your time, do apply for it.

Apply for Web Development Course in Rahim Yar Khan

Course outline for Web Development Course

🛑 Benefits of Website Development Course:

♦️ You will be able make your own website.
♦️ Your Web Programing will be improved.
♦️ You will acquire Website Development knowledge from basic to advance.
♦️ You will be able to design and develope any kind of WordPress site.
♦️ You will be able to earn online by selling your skill on digital platforms.

🛑 Course Duration, Schedule and Fee:

Trainer Sir Hafiz M. Arslan (3 Years Experience)
Duration 3 Months
Timing 3 Hours a day
Project Every Month
Fee Actual fee: Rs. 25,000 PKR
After 90% Discount: Rs. 2,500 PKR
No hidden charges!
This training is offered in Promotional Price

🛑 Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates must complete their Inter (FSC or ICS) or Student of Software Engineering/Computer Engineering/BS Computer Science/BS Information Technology. This training requires your prior background knowledge of Information Technology. This Training best for those who are logically strong and have good IT skills and love to code and want to build new websites.

🛑 What we will cover in this course:

♦️ Website designing with HTML & CSS.
♦️ Responsive and userfriendly website designing.
♦️ Animational and Creative Website Designing.
♦️ Responsive Designing Through JavaScript
♦️ Complete understanding of JavaScript and jQuery.
♦️ Complete Backend Development concepts using PHP.
♦️ Complete understanding of MySQL Database.
♦️ Installation of localhost / Xamp.
♦️ Installation of WordPress on localhost.
♦️ Complete knowledge of WooCommerce.
♦️ What are Themes. How to Cutomize.
♦️ What are Plugins. How to use plugins.
♦️ Use of Elementor Plugin and Astra theme.
♦️ Complete website creation using Elementor and Astra.
♦️ What is hosting and domain.
♦️ How to host your website online.

🛑 Course Content:


  1. Install Editor for Html
  2. Html Elements ang Tags
  3. Html meta tags
  4. Headings and Paragraphs in HTML
  5. Html Order and Unorder lists
  6. Html Inputs and text area
  7. Form and Labels in HTML
  8. Html Buttons
  9. Html Hyperlink
  10. Images Audio and Videos in HTML
  11. Html Quotations
  12. Html div
  13. Html span


  1. Different ways of Adding CSS
  2. Colors and backgrounds
  3. CSS borders
  4. Margins and Padding
  5. CSS Height and Width
  6. Text(text-align)
  7. CSS Lists and Tables
  8. Max-width and Max-Height
  9. Display and Overflow
  10. CSS Positions
  11. CSS flexbox
  12. Float property
  13. CSS Hover and Active
  14. Before and After
  15. CSS Shadows and Gradients
  16. CSS Opacity
  17. Media Query
  18. CSS Animations


  1. How to write JavaScript code
  2. JavaScript Variable
  3. Built-in methods in JavaScript
  4. String Methods
  5. JavaScript Math methods
  6. Date and Time
  7. JavaScript Operators
  8. Conditional statements
  9. JavaScript Loops
  10. JavaScript Arrays
  11. Functions
  12. JavaScript Objects
  13. Dom Manipulation
  14. JavaScript Events


  1. Install Local server (Install Xampp server or Wamp server)
  2. Install Php
  3. Php syntax
  4. Variables
  5. Echo and Print
  6. String Methods
  7. Math
  8. Operators
  9. Conditional Statements
  10. Loops
  11. Functions
  12. Arrays
  13. How to Create a MySQL Database
  14. Include and required
  15. Database Queries
  16. Date and Time
  17. Sessions
  18. Cookies
  19. Forms and Their Handling
  20. Filters validation


  1. Install WordPress on Localhost
  2. WordPress Dashboard
  3. Themes
  4. Plugins
  5. Use of Astra theme
  6. Use of Elementor Plugin
  7. Theme and Plugin Editing

Hosting Concepts:

  1. Purchase Domain and Hosting
  2. Upload website on live host
  3. Working on cPanel
  4. Website upgradation on cPanel
  5. cPanel Website Backup
  6. Business Email Creation

🛑 Training Methodology:

🔹Assignments and Evaluations will be given as well for your practice.
🔹Certificate of training will be given to active students as well.
🔹There will be Internship/Job opportunities as well for top performers.

🛑 Who Should Attend the Training:

♦ FSC/ICS (Complete)
♦ BSCS (Complete / Continuous)
♦ Fresh Graduates
♦ Freelancers
♦ IT Professional

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