WordPress Customization Course

WordPress is a CMS tool to create your own websites. We can develop any kind of modern website by using the platform of WordPress. Dynamic Developers offering the best quality professional WordPress development/WordPress customization advanced courses. We have the best instructors who have years of teaching experience and vast knowledge regarding the field of WordPress Web Development and WordPress Customization. So, If you want to become a professional WordPress web developer, don't waste your time, do apply for it.

WordPress Course by Dynamic Developers

Course outline for WordPress Customization Course

🛑 Benefits of WordPress Customization/Development course:

♦️ You will be abl toe make your own website.
♦️ Your Web Programing will be improvde.
♦️ You will acquire Website Development knowledge from basic to advance.
♦️ You will be able to customize any kind of WordPress site.
♦️ You will be able to earn online by selling your skill on digital platforms.

🛑 What we will cover in this course:

♦️ Installation of localhost / Xamp.
♦️ Installation of WordPress on localhost.
♦️ Dashboard of WordPress.
♦️ Complete knowledge of WooCommerce.
♦️ What are Themes.
♦️ How to customize themes.
♦️ What are Plugins.
♦️ How to customize plugins.
♦️ Complete knowledge of Post/Pages and widgets.
♦️ Use of Elementor Plugin and Astra theme.
♦️ Complete website creation using Elementor and Astra.
♦️ What is hosting and domain.
♦️ How to host your website online.

🛑 Assignments and Evaluations:

🔹 Assignments and Evaluations will be given as well for your practice.
🔹 Certificate of training will be given to active students as well.
🔹 There will be Internship/Job opportunities as well for top performers.