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Pakistan Day Celebration by Dynamic Developers

Pakistan Day Celebration - 23rd March

Pakistan resolution was a landmark in the history of Muslims in South Asia. It determined for the Muslims a true goal and their homeland in the northeast and northwest of the subcontinent. It gave new energy to Muslims and courage them to gather around the Great Leadership of Sir Muhammad Ali Jinnah for the struggle for freedom. The Muslims of the subcontinent become successful after almost seven years of struggle from that day. Pakistan Resolution Was held on 23rd, March 1940 at Lahore.

We at Dynamic Developers held a get-together on 23rd March 2021, to celebrate this great event of Pakistan resolution day. We cut the cake as ceremonial to pay tribute to all of the efforts made to build Pakistan.

Pakistan Day Activity by Dynamic Developers Cake cutting ceremony of Pakistan Day by Dynamic Developers Award distribution ceremony of Dynamic Developers on Pakistan Day Pakistan Day Cake Cutting by Dynamic Developers

Award Distribution:

The employee of the month awards were also distributed among top performers of Dynamic Developers.

  • Employee of the Month (January, 2021) award goes to Ms. Muqadas Shahid.
  • Employee of the Month (February, 2021) award goes to Ms. Momna Kashif.
  • Employee of the Month (March, 2021) award goes to Ms. Amna Khalid.

So here are the glimpses of that historic day with Dynamic Developers.