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Technical Concepts of Content Writing

A content is simply point out the term "Communication through words".

Difference b/w Content & Speach:

Content and speech are not the same terms, we can differentiate both terms as following,

    🔸 One-way flow   🔸 Instructive   🔸 Has a flow of thoughts  
    🔸 Two ways or more   🔸 Goes with the flow   🔸 Random/Unorganized  

Pillars of Content Writing:

Content Writing Conceptshas following main pillars,

    🔸 Language   🔸 Grammer   🔸 Vocabulary  
    🔸 Professional   🔸 Corporate like   🔸 Flowery  
    🔸 Level of Vocabulary   🔸 Targeted audience   🔸 Flowery  
Client Brief:
    🔸 Level of Vocabulary   🔸 Targeted audience  

Understanding Creativity:

To understand what is creativity and to make our content creative, we can follow these steps,

Corporate/Professional Writing( e.g. Website Content Writing)
  • Creativity with JARGONS and not adjectives
  • Stating FACTS than fluff
  • Creativity with PRESENTATION than words
  • Example
Article Writing ( eg. CWD, Rolex):
  • Creative in the beginning – ENGAGING rather than mundane
  • Keeping it INTERACTIVE
  • Usage of QUOTATIONS (and molding them)
  • Example
Sales/Communication Material Content (Brochures, Mailers, Flyers, Newsletter)​:
  • Be OBJECT-ORIENTED than language-oriented
    1. 🔸Know your TARGET AUDIENCE​   🔸Understand the CONTEXT of language​   🔸Use REFERENCE POINTS to benchmark content   🔸Check TONALITY – Formal/ Informal   🔸Play in LANGUAGE  

Types of Content Writing:

    🔸 Do-it-Yourself   🔸 Article   🔸 Blog   🔸 Informative   🔸 Sales Copy   🔸 Description of Products/Services