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How to Write Creative Content

As a writer, it is most imprtant thing to write as such creative and informative content which attracts the attention of reader.

What is Creativity ?​?

  • Ability to produce original ideas.
  • The result of a complex of cognitive skills, abilities, personality factors, motivation and strategies.

Elements of Creativity:

🔸 Fluency​   🔸 Flexibility​   🔸 Originality​   🔸 Elaboration​   🔸 Visualization​   🔸 Lateral Thinking​   🔸 Define Problems  

What is Creative Writing

  • Creative Writing expresses the writers thoughts and feeling in an imaginative often unique and poetic way.
  • Creative writing is guided more by the writers need to express feelings and ideas than by the restrictive demands of factual and logical progression of expository writing.
Conducive Environment for developing learners creativity:

🔸 Provide challenges​   🔸 Appreciate individuality​   🔸 Encourage open discussion​   🔸 Absence of conflicts​   🔸 Allow time to think​   🔸 Encourage confidence and willingness to take risk​   🔸 Appreciate and support ideas​   🔸 Respect the novel and unusual  

Thematic Tree:

  • Start with a theme.
  • Reflect on the theme.
  • Develop sub themesme.
  • Brainstorm relevant themes​.
Why Use Thematic Tree?

🔸 Encourages yourself to think from different perspectives.   🔸 build thinking flexibility.   🔸 Generates more ideas.   🔸 Helps to structure your writing.  

Multi-dimensional writing:

  • A car accident has occurred injuring several people.​
  • You have to discuss how it could have been averted.
  • Imagine that you are one of the following characters and write an account,

      🔸 Driver​   🔸 Passenger​   🔸 Pedestrian  

Why Use Multi-dimensional writing?​
  • Enables Writer to view things from different angles.
  • Helps Writer to remain focused when they write.

Brainstorming and Mind Mapping:​

  • Put the word ‘Future’ on the board.​
  • Brainstorm words related to your future.
  • Now focus on your education, family and career.
  • Group all the words under these three sub themes and write a composition.
Why Use Brainstorming and Mind Mapping ?
  • Brainstorming: Excellent way of creating many new ideas.​ Helps to break thinking patterns into new ways of looking at things.​
  • Mind Map: Used for arranging and developing ideas.​ A good format for reviewing ideas.