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Project Exhibition Ceremony - dynamic developers Project Exhibition Ceremony KFUEIT Dynamic Developers Projects Event at KFUEIT

Project Exhibition Ceremony - KFUEIT

Project Exhibition Ceremony held on 23rd Feb at KFUEIT - Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology.

Dynamic Developers decided to present their projects in exhibition and Alhamdulillah got such a wonderful response and feedbacks from judges as well as from visitors.

Projects Presented:

On that occasion, the following projects were presented by team Dynamic Developers;

  • The Educational Zone (An E-Learning website with proper functionalities of LMS.
  • The Starving Serpent (A Modern 3D desktop game with multiple levels)
  • Inventory Management System Built-In Software (A complete user-friendly built-in inventory and stock management system web software)
Dynamic Developers Team at Project Exhibition - KFUEIT dynamic developers project exhibition at khwaja fareed university of engineering and information technology

Project Feedback:

"Good feedback always proved as a valuable fruit for the developer."

We are always thankful to all our supporters as they are our strength and we are grateful for their worthy words in form of feedback, as their feedbacks means a lot for Dynamic Developers.

On that occasion of the project exhibition, many visitors and judges appreciated the inventions of Dynamic Developers, which proved that the team Dynamic Developers have the ability to impress the world with their efforts.