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Difference Between Coding & Programming

Difference Between Coding & Programming

At the beginning of my IT career, I thought that coding and programming are the same terms, but after some time I believed that they were exactly not the same, and it set aside some effort to comprehend coding and programming.

So, let’s explore and know about the difference between these two and find how professionals use that difference by understanding it.

What is Coding?

Coding is basically the process of translating human language into machine language. If we want to become a coder, we should need to be able to translate human language into different programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, C++, etc. By using such programming languages, we will be able to provide instructions and information to the computer to design a program that you want to create.

Coding involves programming code that creates any kind of program of software, application, game, or website.

What is Programming?

Programming is the technique of developing a software program that we can execute without any kind of error. If we face any kind of error in the program, then it will be the role of a computer programmer to identify the error and find its solution.

If we want to create a program to create such application or software, we should need to follow some steps,

  • Planning of Software
  • Designing the Software
  • Testing the Software
  • Deploying the Software
  • Maintaining after Deployment

So, we can say that programming not only deals with coding but also using a proper process, algorithms for development, and much more.

For Example, you can program a microwave oven to heat up at a specific temperature or you can program your TV to set on a specific channel. These two devices have a defined code on their backend which works accordingly to the instructions given by the user.

Difference Between Two::

Programming is a process of creating or developing a specifically programmed software that performs some function according to user instructions, while coding is a subdomain of programming in which we write some code in machine language.


If you are a person with a logical mindset, then you should try to focus on programming, but if you are good at memorizing and understanding logic you should need to focus on coding.

It depends on the area you would like to explore, as IT and Computer Science is a vast field and it's still to evolve. So, enjoy your journey to find your path.