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Major Categories of Content Writing by Dynamic Developers

Major Categories of Content Writing

There is a lot of variety in content writing. It is not wrong to say that no technical field is complete without content writing. You can choose genera of your own choice.

Why should you choose the field of content writing ?​?

“There is no rule on how to write.”
--Ernest Hemingway--

There are so many types of content writing. Here are some major categories which you should consider for your writing career.

Web Content Writing:

You can write for a website. You have to show the website through your words. Your writing skills with visual presentation make the visitors engage on the website. In this way, you are providing them with information about your website and its purpose. It is the content that makes the website present in the search engine bar. Such type of writing requires a good knowledge of SEO. The use of suitable keywords helps to be in the top search results.


Blog writing refers to the structure of the website. The viewer always wants something new on your website. Blogging is a tool to keep your website upgrading. You can make the audience aware of the progress and evolvement of your company through your blog. These also help to get a good SEO ranking.

Copy Writing:

It includes sales copy, email copy, description of products and services. It is used to intend people to take action. For example, you can make the audience click on a link through your writing skills. It urges people to purchase things or go to a specific page. This writing is used to persuade the right audience.

SMO Writing:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a great audience. There is always a need to be on these platforms because most people find things in these mediums. Here also good writing is required. There is much more worth writing on these platforms. You can explore them.

Technical Writing:

Technical writing specifies your audience and its purpose. You have to give instructions and information about a particular subject. Or you have to process a certain type of information for a specific audience.


There are many other categories which help to make your career. You need to prioritize your audience and make your content interesting for them. Your ability to create content will enhance with time. Practice is the thing that makes a man perfect.