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Phases of Creative Writing by Dynamic Developers

Phases of Creative Writing

Many people love to read. If you do not have any computer skills and you want to earn online, you can opt for writing as a skill. If you are a good reader, you have writing skills too. You need to explore and polish it. There are three phases of creative writing.


It is a pre-writing step. Before writing, you should devise a plan. One should gain a better knowledge of the topic before going to write any text. You can use these procedures;

  • Research: It includes collecting information from all the sources you have. The best sources are print media and online platforms. Taking interviews may also help to gather facts and figures. Without research, it is not possible to give the audience a piece of authentic information.
  • Brainstorming: Brainstorming is the fetching of all the ideas related to the topic. Then you can analyze and rank information according to your need.
  • Mind Mapping: It involves making a diagram showing all the points and concepts emerging from the main heading. It helps to arrange context easily.


When you are writing, focus on your writing only. While writing, don’t try to correct your grammar or spelling mistakes. Doing so can interrupt your flow of writing. After writing all the content you have in your mind, you can structure it according to your preference. Anything which comes to your mind related to the subject, write it without regarding its accuracy. Use all the information you gather through research and create content in your own words. It will introduce something new to the readers.


The last step is to edit the text. You have to revise all the content you compose. It includes;

  • Rearrangement of script
  • Correcting vocabulary or grammatical mistakes
  • Proofreading

It is better to leave your content for some days than edit it promptly. It will help to point out the mistakes more accurately. You may think differently after some gap which helps to enhance creativity in your work.


Writing itself is not difficult, but you have to follow some steps and techniques to be creative. There is so much content in the world. That is why to make your content valuable, it must be unique, innovative, and emerging.